Midnight Sphere Incident

Case 105754: This incident occurred at a lake near Toimi, Minnesota, at midnight.  As quoted from the primary witness’ statement:

“After watching several television documentaries and the recent acknowledgement by the US Navy 1, I have to say something.  I may have seen more in this area as well.  What’s even more crazy, I may have been visited after the initial sighting.  My girlfriend, my cousin and I were staying at my deer shack with the intention of night fishing at a nearby lake for walleyes.  My cousin was fast asleep on a recliner.  My girlfriend and I, however, only had a couple of drinks because the priority for us was catching some fish.

“So, we left my cousin at the shack and headed over to the lake. We got to the lake and launched the boat that we had previously brought over there.  We motored over to the little rock pile where I wanted to try fishing with some lighted bombers.  We started fishing and caught a couple of nice walleyes.  It was a beautiful crystal clear night without a stitch of wind.

“I was looking up at all the stars when I noticed a small, white object cruising through the night sky.  I thought it may be a plane or something for a minute, but then I realized it wasn’t making any sound.  My second guess was it was a satellite.  I have never really noticed a satellite in the night sky before, but I thought that’s what it probably was.  I decided to play a little joke on my girlfriend by letting her think that I thought it was a UFO, so I took this big, 12-volt flashlight 2 and started flashing it at this thing.  She freaked out and told me to knock it off, so I did. We kept watching and seconds after I stopped flashing, it stopped.  It sat there perfectly still.  I couldn’t tell if it was moving straight away all of a sudden or just sitting there.  That’s when it started slowly descending, like a spider from a doorway.

 “My girlfriend flipped out and dove into the bottom of the boat covering herself with the lifejackets.  I stood in the boat watching as this thing descended to right above the treetops on the other side of the lake.  My stomach was in knots.  I felt like I had just killed us both.  Then, as the object sat above the treetops, it grew in size.  It went from looking like a star to looking like a full moon.  It was huge.  It sat there for what seemed like an eternity, but maybe only about a minute.  The whole time this was happening, my girlfriend is under the lifejackets not seeing what I’m seeing, but still screaming bloody murder.  After about a minute or so, the object stayed in the same location, but shrunk 3 times in consecutive blinks until it vanished.  That memory haunts me to this day, but for some strange reason, it almost feels like a dream.”

The allusion to a follow-up visitation by the sphere’s occupants was only mentioned in brief, and, thus far, there has been no further report beyond the witness’ incident described above.

Case Disposition: Assigned (to a MUFON field investigator)  This case is under investigation by MUFON and does not yet have a determination as to its authenticity.


  1. Refer to the “12-16-17 Announcement Day” article in the February 2018 issue of The MUFON Journal, pages 14-17.
  2. This is a standard protocol used by Dr. Steven Greer to attract extraterrestrial craft.
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