An Alternative History of Mankind, by John Ventre

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 In the beginning, it was “Them”. It has always been “Them”. They have been here from our beginning and are the missing link in our “Evolution”. Follow our alternative history from Egypt to Rome to our Founding Fathers to Hitler to the accidental sinking of the Titanic by a USO to our Presidents. Our true history is now documented for you. If you were hoping to read just another run of the mill UFO book, then this book isn’t for you. This book will cause you to question everything you’ve ever been told from Science to Evolution to Creation. Do not sit up at night and read this book to Your Grandchildren! The author also lists every fact he knows regarding UFOs in chronological order as he chronicles the case for UFOs in the second half of the book. Micah Hanks also contributed one chapter on Transhumanism.

196 pages

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