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FLASHBACKS is a memoir of the author and his family's numerous experiences with extraterrestrials, native spirits and entities from other dimensions. Sean Bartok had been abducted when he was very young but did not realize it until he was 43 years old. He then knew he had been abducted, not once. but many times. The book reveals how the entities that came in the night altered his perception of religion, history, science, art, reality, and the origins of mankind. FLASHBACKS contains the first known photographic evidence of alien abductions. These photographs show: - UFO circular beam-down track in the snow - Alien and human footprints in the center - Track rotation and energy field These detailed photographs were taken by the author in 1984, are evidence of one of his abductions, and forms the core of his book. FLASHBACKS contains over 100 images. Foreword is by renowned psychologist and ufologist, Leo Sprinkle, PhD.

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