2019 Symposium Full Set (13 DVD)

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2019 Symposium Speakers + 2 Panels included



John Schuessler, Keynote Speaker: “MUFON at Fifty - A Fantastic Journey”

Jim Penniston: “Rendlesham - Days of Future Past”

Clas Svahn: “ The Real X-Files and the Mystery of the Ghost Rockets”

A.J.Gevaerd: “UFOs in Brazil Are An Official Matter”

Paul Stonehill: “The Turbulent History of Alien Visitors to Russia and the USSR - UFO and USO Phenomena Research Before and After 1991”

Michael P. Masters, PhD: “A Multidisciplinary Scientific Approach to the UFO Phenomenon”

Paul Hynek: “Growing Up With UFOs”

Dr. Irena Scott: “Massachusetts UFO Experience includes Poltergeist, Strange Lights, Ancestors, and More”

Dr. Joseph Burke’s: “Human Initiated Contact Experiences and the Conciousness Connection”

Adam Curry: “A Glimpse of Consciousness Technology”

Paul David’s: “ Flying Saucers and the Culture Wars: The first invasion from 1951-1977”

Panel #1 "The Best Evidence for Advanced Technology in Our Skies": Jim Penniston, A. J. Geveard, Paul Stonehill, Clas Svahn, Dr. Robert Wood, Cheryl Costa

Panel #2 ""The Best Evidence for Non-Human Contact": Dr. Irena Scott, Dr. Joseph Burkes, Paul Hynek, Kathleen Marden, Dr. Michael Masters, Paul Davids


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